A Message Of Hope

I was sitting here this morning during my quiet time contemplating what Gods plan is next. My house, with only the sounds of my dogs wrestle playing out on the back porch, the ice maker kicking on and off in the background, a cup of coffee in my hand with the words “make some coffee and own the day,” on my mug and it’s still dark outside.

My spirit is light and full of hope and joy. Despite the heaviness of world and national events which I think about often, I don’t carry those burdens or worries around with me. I talk to God and I leave them at the foot of the cross. Jesus died so we could live an abundant life casting all our cares on Him and believe me I do.

I haven’t always been able to do that. I carried burdens and stress and resentments and anger around with me like it was my cross to bear. I tried to lay it down. I would pray and ask God to take it, fix it, do something about it, but somehow I didn’t or couldn’t let it go even when I desperately wanted too or thought I had. The key is to trust Him, really trust.

Life is a journey though and my journey stretches out over nearly 50 years (50 if you count my time in the womb, which how could I not count, it was the beginning of me, the formation of me and God knew me and was with me even then. The process of changing and growing in your relationship or walk with the Lord is called your sanctification process. I can look back throughout my life and talk about the lessons I’ve learned along the way, the struggles that shaped and molded me into who I am and what God was teaching me or pruning me for. He never gives up on us, even when we head off on our own path thinking we know better. He always finds a way to use our choices to teach us, shape our character and use our mistakes to bring about good for those who love Him. He works it all together. Sometimes the good is hard to see and I think that is why we carry those worries and burdens. But if we keep our eyes fixed on Him, he guides us and gets us back onto the right path.

The Bible says don’t worry about tomorrow because tomorrow has enough worries of it’s own and who by worrying has added one day to his/her life? I’ve never been a worrier, so therefore I thought my faith has always been a strength of mine, I trust God.

Well since moving back to California nearly 8 years ago, God has blessed me with the desires of my heart and also brought me through some valleys so I could experience those mountaintop moments and the joy of the Lord and the goodness of God. Those experiences changed me and taught me how to truly “take my thoughts captive for Christ,” “Cast my cares on Him,” “fix my eyes on Him,” learn about biblical love (the breadth and depth of it) and what it truly means and how it is expressed. “The greatest of these is love.” Also, what it means to really “seek Him first, and find Him,” and lastly but most importantly how to trust Him with my life and everything in it, for real! This is what breast cancer gave me, the gift of fully trusting God. I always thought I did. But He showed me that wasn’t completely true and He took away the borders.

Oh He isn’t finished with me! I’m still a work in progress, as we all are, until the day we meet Him face to face. I am always being given chances and lessons to practice what I’ve learned and continue to improve or even mess up and humbly admit it and get back on track. Thank goodness God is merciful, we are forgiven and have the gift of Gods grace.

I know the future looks scary and it’s easy to worry and let fear creep in. We are in the midst of a world wide pandemic, as a nation we just came through the most controversial election of our lifetime with more on the line then ever before for our nation and for our own lives. Our country is divided now more than ever. So many are confused, frustrated, angry, grieved, and feeling hopeless. Others are giddy, hopeful, ecstatic, and feeling relief. Such opposite emotions between family members, friends, co workers and even the church?!

The Nation is at a crossroads spiritually. Many are asking, has God turned His back on America? Is it time for her to suffer for her sins and be left to the evil that has pervaded our society and our culture? Is America’s time as a great Nation over? We are watching daily as good things that were accomplished for our Nation, sanctity of life and liberty, freedoms, economy, security, creation of jobs and independence are being rolled back and taken away by a new administration with new priorities. It is a time of unknowns?

We have prayed fervently, we have spread the word, we have voted. Some are asking, didn’t God hear us? Doesn’t He answer our prayers? Doesn’t He care? I can most assuredly say “Yes!” Gods ways are not our ways, His timing is not on our schedule, His plans are not ours and sometimes they are difficult to understand. He does promise His plans for us are for good and not for evil, to give us a future and a hope. That does not always mean it will be easy along the way. It does not always look the way we think it should. He can see the bigger picture that we can’t see. His promises are sure, He is faithful and just. So here is where the trust comes in. Trust Him with ALL of it!

We must keep praying. We must be ready with our spiritual armor because we don’t fight against flesh and blood, of that the Bible is clear, which means we are not each other’s enemies. The power of darkness and of evil in the heavenly realm is our enemy. So we must pray, stand and pray more. God will fight for us.

A spiritual awakening is coming! Now is your opportunity to draw near to the Lord, fix your eyes on Him, allow His love to flow through you to everyone (even those we disagree with). We need to share the good news of Jesus in our words and deeds. We need to love like never before. Ask God for wisdom, discernment and grace. Ask Him to allow you to see others through His eyes so you can love and live at peace with everyone. It is our stories, our witness, our testimony and the blood of the Lamb that will win the lost for Christ.

The Bible tells us to not be sleeping, be sober minded and on guard for the devil prowls around like a lion looking for whom to devour. Seek the Lord, stay connected to the vine, and trust Him with your life, your well being, your family, your future. This is where our Hope comes from. It is possible to walk through these times full of peace that surpasses understanding to guard our thoughts and mind, joy to give us abundant life in the midst of our trials, and love to overflow from within us pouring out to others and to be a light to a dark world.

GOD HAS A PLAN! We can trust His plan. He doesn’t need our help to carry it out but we do have a role we should be honored to participate in. Ask Him what your role is and offer yourself as a living sacrifice for His will and purpose.

God has set heaven in the hearts and minds of men because this is only our temporary home. We are not of this world. Long for and be ready for our heavenly home and the coming of the Lord. Nobody knows when that will be but with each passing day it is drawing closer.

His promises are in His Word and spoiler: we win in the end! EVERY knee will bow and tongue will confess that JESUS is LORD! Now let’s take as many people with us as we can!

The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you, the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.

Numbers 6:24-26

Be well and God bless America! 🇺🇸


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